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Full text of "The Fate Of Man In The Modern World"

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which seems ever more clearly to be the future
in store for man. The social question is made
a matter above all of distribution, that is not
merely an economic, but a moral question. The
present state of the world calls for a moral and
spiritual revolution, revolution in the name of
personality, of man, of every single person.
This revolution should restore the hierarchy of
values, now quite shattered, and place the value
of human personality above the idols of pro-
duction, technics, the state, the race or nation-
ality, the collective. But now we must consider
one more of the modern forms of idol-making.


The age-old instincts of race and nationality
have suddenly burst forth in our world with
new force. National passion is tearing the world
and threatening the destruction of European
culture. This is one more proof of the strength of
atavism in human society, of how much stronger
than the conscious is the subconscious, of how
superficial has been the humanizing process of
past centuries. Where in the past the confirma-
tion and development of national individuality
meant humanization, modern Nationalism means
the dehumanization and bestialization of human
societies. It is a reversion from the category of
culture and history to that of zoology. It seems